Voice technology

In warehouses it always comes down to speed and accuracy in the execution of picking orders. Errors in the picking can lead to wrong deliveries which decreases the customer satisfaction of course. One of the technology solutions that can positively affect speed and accuracy is voice technology.

How voice picking works

A voice picking system uses speech recognition for communication between warehouse employees and a voice pickingWarehouse Management System (WMS). The employee has a mobile computer and a headset with microphone. The user receives voice prompts from the system and vice versa, the data that he verbally confirms is converted into data that are sent to the WMS.

Benefits of voice picking

Since the user doesn't require paperwork to be checked when picking orders, and also has no need for a manual scanner, he has his hands and eyes free and can concentrate on his work. Voice picking makes it possible to perform more picking orders per hour. The efficiency and accuracy increase considerably compared to traditional picking.

In addition, accuracy in voice picking is higher than in traditional picking: by confirming the picking via speech to the system, errors are reduced to a minimum. In standard picking errors are often only discovered at the deliverey and that of course generates costs.

Using speech in picking requires less training for new staff because the instructions they receive through the headset clearly direct them to the right pikcing location.

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