The power of
Conditional Monitoring

Your clients expect goods to arrive at their destinations in perfect condition. How do you do this? With wireless monitoring, you make sure that temperature-sensitive goods remain in optimal condition during their stay in your warehouse and while they are being transported. Automatic monitoring will even keep an eye on the humidity and CO2 levels in specific spaces.

With the help of RFID technology, the automatic checking of your goods is guaranteed, with alarms sounding anytime certain thresholds are exceeded. This way, you always guarantee your clients the optimal quality of the goods. Our solution for condition monitoring automatically collects all readings and measurements. They are used to provide you with all the reports and statistics needed to keep clients properly informed or to qualify for any certificates they may require.


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Dave Engel, Business Development Manager

Dave is a specialist in the field of RFID, RTLS, scanning and IOT and their applications for tracking & tracing of goods and people in industry and the logistics sector. With great drive he offers an answer to the problems you face on a daily basis. Contact Dave via