In- and outbound
with automated RFID signals

Do you often need to send and receive large amounts of goods at once? Because automation will give your loading and unloading an enormous boost in efficiency. Using a fully automatic reading system, we allow unmanned pallets, or other load units with passive RFID tags, to be read in no time. Furthermore, there is no direct line of sight required to scan them.

The solution is ideal for speeding up the movement of goods in loading zones. And the reading ratio is extremely reliable. The automation leaves an exact and irrefutable trail behind, with the exact time of the processing, for all in- and outbound goods on each loading dock.

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Dave Engel, Business Development Manager

Dave is a specialist in the field of RFID, RTLS, scanning and IOT and their applications for tracking & tracing of goods and people in industry and the logistics sector. With great drive he offers an answer to the problems you face on a daily basis. Contact Dave via