Krëfel opts for IDdelivery for follow-up of deliveries

PHI DATA helps Krëfel in its logistical processing and automates the follow-up of deliveries. The solution consists of a combination of Tom Tom Bridge PDAs with PHI DATA’s IDdelivery software.

Krëfel was looking for a way of obtaining proof of delivery for the administrative follow-up of deliveries in a fast and user-friendly way – more specifically for deliveries to the end customer who purchases products via the webshop or in the shop; for deliveries of kitchens that leave from the central depot and go to the shops; and for the follow-up of the installation of electrical appliances on customers’ premises.

“Previously drivers had to deal with an abundance of administrative work after they had done their rounds if interactive follow-up was lacking. With a new system – a combination of software and PDAs – the entire administrative and logistical follow-up of deliveries would take place interactively and could become automated. The greatest need was to get rid of all paperwork“, says Mark De Brabanter.”

For this reason Krëfel contacted PHI DATA, who were offering IDdelivery as a solution. IDdelivery is a system that allows the customer to follow up deliveries of “identifiable” objects, such as packages or individual articles. IDdelivery works thanks to the unique identifier of every object to be delivered. Every object has a barcode with a unique number (also called SSCC). These SSCCs are linked to a delivery note belonging to a particular round or route. Every driver has an industrial Tom Tom Bridge PDA with built-in barcode scanner at his disposal, which is connected in real time to the central database.  Thanks to IDdelivery one can already verify whether the right packages are being loaded onto the lorry during the loading process. Mistakes on delivery can normally be explained by faulty loading such as a forgotten or faulty package.

krefel proof of delivery

After loading IDdelivery displays the list of all delivery addresses on the route. Once it arrives at the customer the delivery note and the article or package are scanned.  Should there be any problems with the delivery, these can be recorded, using photos if necessary. The recipient can place his signature on the screen of the PDA. After delivery the details are available straight away, allowing administration to be finalised or for customer service, without the driver having to bring in the paperwork first.

IDdelivery is made up of several components. A database, in which all details are saved and which is in contact with the customer’s ERP system, a mobile application that allows drivers to send in information, a website and modules (which may be optional) such as for example import/export of data, ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival), e-mail (such as reports of delivery), use of parts, handling of payment and so on.

“There are a number of proof of delivery solutions on the market, but PHI DATA have added a number of added value points”, explains Kurt Nauwelaerts from PHI DATA. It is also possible to manage the conditions of the vehicles such as cleanliness or possible damage. This is done via a questionnaire that the driver can fill in on his mobile PDA, which in turn is in contact with the system.

Furthermore, there is a time-out function in the system: the driver may at any time interrupt his assignment, stating a reason for the interruption. Examples could be a lunch break, when the vehicle has broken down or is stuck in traffic etc. As a consequence, there will be a report about the working hours by the driver himself. The ETA module is connected to this. This allows the expected delivery time, on the basis of a number of criteria transmitted by the ERP system, to be communicated to the customer.

Subsequently, it is also possible to give the driver extra assignments upon delivery which have an added value for delivery of a product. The driver can confirm with a yes or a no or with a photo. Here is an example: if a product has not been unpacked, if old appliances are returned, if a new appliance was under test, or if instruction or training was given to the user and so on.

The entire question path is registered in the system and has also been automated. “Moreover, there is no requirement for an intervention from PHI DATA during the configuration of the question path”, says Kurt Nauwelaerts. “The customer can himself send a command from his ERP system with the help of XML files. We realise that these extras represent absolute added value for our customers. We constantly strive to keep the product up-to-date, and to make its features available to other customers who also work with IDdelivery.”

“We have opted for PHI DATA because they had already got part of the solution in their standard solution IDdelivery. So they could quickly offer an adequate solution by means of a number of modifications to the software”, says Ronny Kemps, Logistics Manager at Krëfel. The fact that the solution was implemented so quickly can be taken literally,” Ronny Kemps concluded. There have been a total of only six to seven months between the initial starting up through to the actual commissioning of the solution and the PDAs, and that is for the most part thanks to the very good project managers at PHI DATA. They have taken excellent care of the follow-up.”

“In total more than 200 people will ultimately work with the solution”, says Mark De Brabanter, Distribution and Transport Supervisor at Krëfel. PHI DATA has made sure that drivers can use a very easy-to-operate and user-friendly piece of equipment. Since the equipment is so user-friendly, it wasn’t necessary to give drivers as much training as originally thought – after all, the drivers are the users of the solution, so they must be able to use it easily.”

“What really matters to us is the professional manner in which the project has been managed. PHI DATA have, since the beginning, shared their ideas with us and kept in mind our needs and concerns. The collaboration between our IT department and PHI DATA has been excellent. They have always remained within the budget. “Everything that had been agreed has stayed well within the budget”, added Ronny Kemps.

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