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Digital transformation offers enormous opportunities in the areas of business process optimisation and visibility. As the independent creator and integrator of Smart Edge solutions, PHI DATA does everything to help your company move further into the digital frontier. This way, you continuously optimise your business processes and workflows with smart solutions. Through the combination of innovative technologies and proven solutions, and our professional services, we want to support you in the achievement of your most important goals:

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Over the years, we have built up indisputable expertise in diverse sectors, including healthcare, industrial and logistic domains, retail and distribution, as well as government and service sectors. No matter which domain you’re active in, you’ll find we always offer a Smart Edge solution tuned to your specific needs.


Smart Edge solutions for your company or organisation

The work environment where your production, logistics or other core activities take place is the very heart of your organisation. This is the physical chain inside which all processes and movements of goods, assets and people occur. PHI DATA solutions connect your physical and digital chains with each other, optimising the processes. It is the ‘smart edge’—where your physical and digital chains integrate with each other—using our Smart Edge solutions.

These solutions rely on SaaS-based software, making use of a variety of innovative technologies and systems: automatic identification (barcode, RFID, IoT), serialisation, labelling, scanning, real-time localisation, wireless condition monitoring, volume measurement and mobile computing.

With PHI DATA, you benefit from all the advantages these new technologies offer. You also have the security of knowing these technologies have proven their value in practice. As well as an extensive product portfolio, we offer you advice, multi-brand system integration, software solutions and other professional services. As optimisation is a ‘never-ending’ challenge, we are also at your service for all migration and improvement trajectories.

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