AZ Sint-Elisabeth Zottegem counts on ERP solution ánd on PHI DATA for more efficiency both centrally and in departments

When the AZ Sint-Elisabeth Hospital in Zottegem (SEZZ) decided to implement an ERP system for more integrated and centralised management, it did not want to confine itself to central administrative departments. The intention was that the warehouse and specific departments could also enjoy the benefits of further process automation. But this required appropriate, user-friendly hardware and software that integrates perfectly with the central ERP system. This is where PHI DATA was able to help.

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AZ Sint-Elisabeth Hospital Zottegem (SEZZ) is a regional hospital with 333 registered beds and a day hospital (surgery, oncology and internal medicine, geriatrics) with 74 places. A team of over 100 doctors and more than 900 employees takes care of around 35,000 admissions per year.

Project description

The AZ Sint-Elisabeth Hospital Zottegem (SEZZ) has been working on the digitisation of its business processes for some time. The next step was the further automation of the logistics processes and stock management of the warehouse, the clinical lab and the Anatomo-Pathology department.

We used to have to go through our stock every week to know what to reorder. Today, with the combination of PHI DATA and our ERP system, the entire stock is labelled upon receipt and scanned upon use. When scanning, we know immediately. whether we still have enough stock, so that unpleasant surprises are avoided. Moreover, the solution is very user-friendly and intuitive, which also helps with the acceptance by the users. – Annelies, Laboratory technician Anatomo-pathology

To improve communication between the logistics centre, the various departments and the central management system and to avoid errors in stock management, AZ Sint-Elisabeth Zottegem found a Smart Edge solution at PHI DATA, which uses a combination of IDhospitalsupply software and hardware (Datalogic Memor 10 Healthcare mobile devices, Datalogic Gryphon 4500 Healthcare barcode scanners and robust Zebra GK420 TT printers).

The solution excels in simplicity. The interface is clear enough so that little misunderstandings are possible. And everything is correctly communicated to the ERP system, without extra effort and without errors. – Kathleen, Lead Laboratory

The mobile devices and barcode scanners now register the needs of the warehouse and the specific departments, and communicate everything with the central management system. In this way, users can efficiently keep track of stocks without making mistakes and the central logistics centre maintains a better overview.

Thanks to the open and constructive approach of all parties – PHI DATA, Xperthis and our IT team – the delivery and integration was tailor-made and within the deadline. – Johan, Head of Logistics and Warehouse

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The Smart Edge solution from PHI DATA, which connects the physical and digital environment and processes, improves communication between the logistics centre and the central management system, and between the logistics service and the departments that use the system. All this results in less time loss and fewer errors, so that employees can devote more attention to actual healthcare. The user-friendliness of the applications ensures great acceptance by the end users.

In the meantime, the support provided by the PHI DATA team remains as reliable as ever, adds Johan: “Our contact Wim Verduyn is always 100% ready to help us. If we need a new device by tomorrow, he’ll take care of it, no matter what. And that contributes to our satisfaction too.”

Smart Edge solution

  • User-friendly combination of software and hardware that integrates perfectly with the existing central ERP system


  • Improved communication between the logistics centre and the central management system
  • Operation of logistics to and from the warehouse simplified
  • Less loss of time, fewer mistakes, more attention to healthcare
  • User-friendliness promotes acceptance by the end user


  • PHI DATA’s IDhospitalsupply software
  • Datalogic Memor 10 Healthcare mobile devices
  • Datalogic Gryphon 4500 Healthcare barcode scanners
  • Robust Zebra GK420 TT printers

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