PHI DATA automates labelling at Bandag in Lanklaar

All-in LabelEasy solution ensures carefree use and transparent price model

The Bandag factory in Lanklaar produces treads for the retreading of bus and truck tyres. To prevent human errors during weighing and the attachment of the label containing the information about the tread, the company decided to automate the entire process. To do so, Bandag called in PHI DATA, which installed 3 units of Automatic Label Applicators.

How does it work?

The automated system works as follows: the tread, which is on a conveyor belt, is rolled up. Operators can indicate on a screen which product and production it is. The tyre is packaged and put on a tilter with a robot arm, after which it is weighed. This information is recorded and the system then attaches the right label to the packaged tread with a robot arm.

The solution ensures that the correct weight and logistics data are indicated on each product, thus avoiding complaints from customers about errors in deliveries, weight, et cetera.


Bandag opted for the ‘LabelEasy’ formula, in which all costs – including hardware, installation, software control, maintenance and repairs related to the project – are paid per label.

This offers numerous advantages for Bandag, as is confirmed by Heidi Kerkhofs, IT Developer at Bandag in Lanklaar. ‘We chose PHI DATA because they were the only ones able to offer a leasing solution. We now know the exact cost per label, and hence per tyre. In addition, we do not need to invest in the applicator systems ourselves. As maintenance and possible repairs are also included in the leasing contract, we do not need to have all this know-how in-house.’

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