SmartSense IIoT® & Asset Tracking for Intelligent Supply Chain

Know at any time where which asset is located

No more blind spots in the supply chain

PHI DATA offers an end to end solution for outdoor and indoor tracking.

Our focus areas

1. Industry

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Visibility on every step of the process flow, internally and externally Compliance with delivery and condition agreements
Fast retrieval of assets Follow up the conditions of your assets as part of your process or for regulatory compliance
Fully automated inventory in multi-locations Avoid capacity issues at sites and subcontractors
Savings on maintenance costs and replacements Avoid capacity issues at sites and subcontractors
Fleet capacity optimization and reduced replacement costs Avoid high purchase and replacement cost for assets
Reduction of Work in Progress No more production disruption due to shortage of assets and containers
Early detection and prediction of process delays and inefficiencies

Transportation & Logistics

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Easy localization of individual trailers and containers Fully automated inventory and digital log of whereabouts
Increased trailer utilization Compliance with delivery and condition agreements like temperature
Alerts when a theft may be occurring Detect idling or underused trailers
Detect delays Avoid renting expensive parking place for your assets
Reduce time-consuming asset searches and retrieval costs Eliminate tedious manual processes with human error
Optimize asset utilization and maintenance schedules

3. Waste & Recycling

Full visibility on location of containers Increased waste container utilization
Easy retrieval of missing and lost containers Digital logs and alerts in case of discrepancies
Detection of unused, misplaced or forgotten containers Less need for new waste containers
Optimization of pickup transport routes Support with compliance requirements
Automated container counts on multiple sites Eliminate tedious manual processes with human error

4. Rental & Construction Equipment

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Complete visibility on your rental fleet Utilization insights enabling new revenue streams
Monitor theft & find back stolen equipment Fully automated inventory in multi-locations
Efficiently manage machine inspections Have an instant overview of your under- and overused equipment


Warehousing & distribution

Eliminate scanning via pallet tracking 1

Eliminate scanning via pallet tracking

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Forklift analytics & heatmaps

Fixed gate scanning 1

Fixed gate scanning

Tracking warehouse equipment 1

Tracking warehouse equipment

Production and operations

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Tracking returnable transport items and palletboxes

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Tracking packaging

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Yard management

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Trolley’s and roll container tracking

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Tracking equipment in ports

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Tracking construction tools and equipment

Transport and logistics

container ships at industrial ports in the busines 2023 11 27 05 37 27 utc 1

Intermodal container tracking

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Tankcontainer tracking

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Trailer tracking

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Tracking glass stillages

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Tracking keys


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Waste container tracking

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Rental machine tracking

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Portable toilet tracking

How it works



Rugged, industrial grade tracker for field use

You install the tracker yourself in as little as 1 minute

5-10 years battery life

Fully autonomous



Low-power communication, energy-efficient

Public communication network

No infrastructure needed

International coverage

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Complete visibility in 1 map

Out-of-the-box software

ERP & API integration available

Consult details of a specific asset

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SmartSense IIoT®

SmartSense IIoT® from PHI DATA is a comprehensive solution for managing and tracking your valuable assets, from goods and equipment to transportation equipment and personnel. This easy-to-use, yet advanced platform provides real-time visibility via various wireless communication protocols such as NB-IoT, Sigfox, 4G and Wi-Fi. Deployable in a wide range of industries, the system provides identification, location and condition monitoring (such as temperature) of your assets.

The platform is composed of four modular building blocks, making it easily adaptable to specific business needs. Whether you want to use RFID for automation at loading and unloading docks, need Bluetooth tags for indoor localization of warehouse equipment, or GPS/NB-IoT tracking for containers and trailers, SmartSense IIoT® provides a flexible, end-to-end solution.

As an independent platform and IoT building block, PHI DATA offers not only the technology but also expert advice for your specific situation. The integrated system means you don’t get caught up in multiple packages or data scattered across different systems. Thus, SmartSense IIoT® provides a seamless and customized solution for your asset management and tracking.

SmartSense IIoT® Platform - 4 building blocks






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Modular platform


Labelling, tagging and auto-ID

Give all your assets a unique license plate via a label, tag or tracker. Make alle your assets unique, identifiable, recognizable and scannable. Print your owns labels. Barcodes, QR codes, RFID tags. Handhelds and mobile terminals. Scan multiple items at once and from distance. Count thousands of assets with one RFID gun.


Warehouse, stocks and asset management

Digitize your equipment, components and materials. Make a digital twin of your warehouses, depots and zones. Search for an asset, scan for inventory, transfer assets, register maintenance and inspections, compare and detect anomalies. Digitize your flows in your warehouse: from receiving to put away goods to picking to transfers to shipping to deliveries.


Inventory automation

Fully automated inventory in multiple locations. Know in real-time which assets dwell in which zones, warehouses, yards and depots. Set up KPI’s and receive automated alerts when low or high on stock. Avoid shortages delaying your processes. Pinpoint the exact location of an asset even while in transit or at your suppliers or subcontractors. Complete visibility of where an asset is in your supply chain.


Track & trace

Track anything, anywhere. Raw materials, parts and assets. From high value assets like trailers and containers to rental equipment like scissor lifts, excavators and mobile toilets. Pinpoint returnable transport packaging like boxes, metal racks, pallets. Even keys are trackable. Consult historic location, journeys and travel patterns of your fleet. Follow hundreds of assets as they move from site to site. Protect your assets from theft and find them back when lost.


Utilization monitoring

Detailed insight into the utilization of each asset. Monitor the metrics that impact your business like duration of use, distance travelled, number of trips made or how often a container has been emptied. Extract data for each individual asset or for your total fleet. Identify under or overperforming assets. Define and visualize your own KPI’s.


Process flow management

Map your production stages and process flows. Create a digital twin of your desired asset flows and compare with real flows. Detect anomalies and manage by exception. Measure rotation, cycles and retention times and intervene where necessary. Predict delays in your supply chain. Detect bottlenecks.


Status and condition monitoring

Track temperature and humidity of your goods in assets like refrigerated containers or cool boxes. View the orientation states of your waste containers and see if they have been emptied or not. Monitor if returnable packaging has been opened. See if the door of a trailer or container has been opened. Additional sensors provide the desired intelligence to manage quality and control the condition of perishable goods.



Expand the lifetime of your assets by switching from a reactive to a proactive maintenance model. Create maintenance programs based on actual usage like kilometers driven, number of times used or total usage duration. Ensure the maintenance planning is respected. Record in the field or on the floor functional and cosmetic damage of your assets. Create alerts for timely maintenance and inspection actions.


Monitoring of production cycle

Create a digital twin of your factory or shop floor and its different zones. Set up stages in your production process and see how assets move and flow between these zones of interest. Predict delays and measure your production against deadlines. Set up a digital multi-stage environment equal to your actual production. Add multiple factories, warehouses, suppliers and subcontractors.


Performance management & WIP optimization

Ensure the performance of your operations and different production stages. Make every step in your supply chain and production transparent. Produce more with less, faster. Reduce your work in progress time with real-time visibility of your shop floor operations. Make sure your stocks and supplies are optimized for your production process.


Quality compliance

Monitor expiry dates of your products and raw materials. Generate notifications before treatment delays are over. Manage cleaning, disinfection and washing of tanks and containers. Make optimal use of your asset fleet which consists of different volumes, different contents (powder, liquids, solids), weights, sizes. Import sensor data in the platform or add forms and information directly via the app.


Information declaration, tasks and collaboration

Share relevant information amongst your shop floor staff. Real-time visualization of jobs in progress. Beam KPI’s and production statistics in your plants. Implement real-time scheduling and communication systems to prioritize tasks. Alert operators in case of delays, discrepancies or anomalies. Inform operators about progression, tasks status and completion. Digitize your work orders and MRO’s.

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