About us

In this age, where digital transformation is a prominent presence, the Smart Edge solutions from PHI DATA give you a powerful advantage

Who we are

PHI DATA – part of the Simac Group – is a Belgian company. As well as our headquarters in Wemmel, we also have sites in Bergen (Maisières) and Windhof/Koerich (Luxembourg). As an independent creator and integrator of Smart Edge solutions, we can always offer the best solutions on the market for your company. In doing so, we make use of a broad range of technologies in the areas of automatic identification, localisation and IoT (Internet of Things).

We count on a team of 45 driven multidisciplinary experts to support and meet the needs of our 2000+ clients. Further to this, we have an expansive network of partners to guarantee you always benefit from the best total solution.

Our evolution

The early years

  • 1981

In 1981, Dirk Reubens and André Van der Auwera founded PHI DATA. In the early years, they focused primarily on the market for specialised (barcode) peripheral equipment and related services.


Shifting focus

  • 1996

In 1996, the focus shifted from product sales to a more project-based approach. This has seen PHI DATA evolve from a hardware distributor to a systems integrator in recent decades. In the same period, they developed their ambition to offer tailored work and later, packaged software developments.

Smart Edge Integration

  • 2018

After Guy Couder takes the helm of PHI DATA as CEO, the focus shifts to Smart Edge solution integration. Where ICT and the physical chain intersect, PHI DATA is marketing itself as a specialist partner


Simac integrates PHI DATA into its offering

  • 2020

Technology company Simac has acquired a majority stake in Belgian ICT company PHI DATA. The company will be added to the Simac group but will continue to operate independently to provide Smart Edge solutions to improve business processes. The acquisition sees Simac grow its market share in Belgium and Luxembourg. It also opens up the market in the Netherlands and the Czech Republic for the advanced PHI DATA technology.

PHI DATA enters Dutch market with Simac PHI DATA NL

  • 2023

Simac PHI DATA is expanding into the Netherlands. Working closely with parent company Simac, it is setting up its own Dutch organisation, Simac PHI DATA. The new entity will be led by sector specialist Akko van Wijk.



  • 2024

After acquiring a majority of shares, PHI DATA will now be fully immersed in the Simac group from 2024. With Olivier Billiau as the new CEO, a fresh wind is blowing through the company where the focus is on Smart Edge solution integration. Where ICT and the physical chain meet, Simac PHI DATA is your ideal partner.

Organic growth

  • The future

In the future, Simac PHI DATA will aim, on one hand, at achieving organic growth through continued investments in own Software as a Service (SaaS software) and new technologies such as the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). On the other hand, they will focus on further geographic expansion through takeovers or consolidations outside Belgium, allowing Simac PHI DATA to serve an even broader market.

The future

What we do for you

At PHI DATA, we go to every length to help you in your digital transformation. In doing so, we implement a broad range of Smart Edge solutions for the logistics chain, the work floor and external services. Our solutions are based on SaaS-based software and make use of diverse technologies. They include automatic identification, mobile computing, label printing, real-time localisation and condition monitoring.
It’s important for us to always use innovative technologies with proven results. In other words, at PHI DATA, we want to allow you to benefit from all the advantages that new technologies offer, but with the certainty that these technologies have proven their value in practice.
As well as an expanded portfolio of solutions, we offer you advice, multi-brand system integration, software solutions and professional services. We also understand that optimisation is something of a never-ending story; our response is to offer everything you need for your migration and improvement needs.

With this combination of innovative and proven solutions, and targeted services, we want to provide you with optimal support in three crucial goals:

  • Higher operational efficiency and productivity;
  • A better client experience and compliance with regulations;
  • A clear view of your supply chain, and your assets on the work floor.

Are you active in one of the following sectors? We can offer you a complete product portfolio and advice tailored to your needs:

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