PHI DATA provides solution for emergencies and temperature monitoring in psychiatric hospital Asster

Asster is a psychiatric hospital in Sint-Truiden. It has 581 beds and was formed by a merger of the Psychiatric Hospital Sancta Maria and the Psychiatric Centre Ziekeren. Each year around 2,000 patients are admitted. There is a staff of 850 and 20 doctors working in Asster. Based on a market study, the hospital’s ward for children and adolescents (6-17 years old) went looking for a solution that can show a staff member’s exact location when the alarm is triggered. PHI DATA’s solution proved to be a great success, and soon the decision was made to work together on temperature monitoring on the two campuses as well.

Asster was looking for a solution to increase security on the psychiatric ward for children and adolescents between 6 and 17 years old. The system enables staff to quickly and easily alert their colleagues in case of an emergency. The appliance had to be comfortable and reliable and ensure highly accurate localisation.

“In our search for the ideal solution we explored the market, for example by speaking with other hospitals and learning from their approach. A market study showed that PHI DATA would be the ideal partner: their solution is highly accurate and adjustable”, project manager Peter Vandenreyt says.

PHI DATA implemented a RTLS solution, fitting the ward’s staff with Stanley Healthcare tags. The T3 tags are compact and supplied with an active RFID chip. PHI DATA integrated the RTLS technology in Asster’s WiFi systems. When staff members trigger the alarm button on their tag, its location is determined within 5 metre accuracy limits by triangulation. Due to the difficult measurement conditions in the padded isolation cells, the choice was made to use exciters which show exactly whether the staff member has triggered the alarm from within or outside of the cell.

“The solution is working very well. Because we were so satisfied and the hardware was already installed, it was clear that we would also approach PHI DATA for the market study on temperature monitoring on both our campuses, taking price, usability and technical requirements into consideration”, Peter Vandenreyt says. “That is why we are currently also working together on the temperature monitoring of medication and nutrition.”

The temperature is monitored using PHI DATA’s wireless Condition Monitoring solution. RFID tags from Stanley Healthcare were used again, which send their signals via WiFi. When predetermined temperature limits are exceeded, the alarm is triggered. The solution creates an archive with monthly reports. Furthermore, it is possible to trace temperatures that are out of tolerance and any corrective measures taken.

“As the hardware was already partly installed for the crisis situations solution, the costs for the temperature monitoring extension were limited. The connection to the telephone network had also been realised, so there was no need to create that link anymore”, Peter Vandenreyt says. “We are really happy with our partnership with PHI DATA. Now the solution has been up and running for a while, we can still rely on their help. In case of any problems, they always respond very quickly. PHI DATA has a special virtual server for this, so their employees can come online and make remote adjustments.”

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