Multitra uses PHI DATA’s IDwms solution to manage its warehouses

Founded in 1998, Multitra specialises in the organisation of international transportation and corporate logistics services. The company, whose customers include both SMEs and multinational companies, offers a range of services encompassing storage, handling, transit, inventory management, order picking, packaging, bonded warehousing and related transportation. Multitra is based in Verviers where it has 4,000 m2 of warehouses.

User-friendly and efficient

After a demonstration during a visit to a PHI DATA client, Multitra decided to switch to IDwms in 2009. The tool used by the company before IDwms was implemented was outdated and deemed to be overly restrictive for the user. In addition, error-prone, manual monitoring did not provide an updated inventory at any time of the day. IDwms was recognised as the solution that would provide real-time stock monitoring and therefore allow the company to work more quickly and more efficiently.

“The work of the stock-controllers has been greatly facilitated by the implementation of the IDwms solution, which has led to productivity gains in our company”, says Luc Thyrion, Operations Manager at Multitra.

Indeed, using the IDwms (Warehouse Management System) solution, which is perfectly suited to the company’s needs, any item can be accurately located in the warehouse since every pallet receives a unique identification number. IDwms then generates identification labels with barcodes. The stock-controllers scan these barcodes using hand-held terminals equipped with barcode readers and a wi-fi connection to access the database for real-time information about the stock. Every movement of goods is therefore automatically updated through barcode scanning, without the need to enter data at each stage. The system enables users to reduce the time required for administrative work and ensures true traceability of the goods.

Happy with the results

“Today our six stock-controllers use IDwms on a daily basis and we are extremely pleased with the results. Using PHI DATA’s modern technology, we have genuinely improved our working practices by handling goods more quickly and reducing the risk of errors.”

“From the start, we have worked with the same contact person at PHI DATA. IDwms has proved to be particularly valuable in improving the management of our warehouses. In order to deal with our growing needs, we have also launched a project to build a new, 2000 m2, fully secure warehouse for sensitive products, where we will also implement IDwms.”

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