New strategic partnership between Simac PHI DATA and BlooLoc: joining forces for optimised warehouse efficiency

BlooLoc zorgt voor meer safety in je warehouse

Smart Edge specialist Simac PHI DATA will be working closely with its Belgian sectoral bedfellow BlooLoc. Thanks to the joint expertise of Simac PHI DATA and BlooLoc, warehouses will be managed more efficiently. 

“Logistics is inherently very efficiently arranged,” says Kurt Nauwelaerts, responsible for the Integrated Solutions department at Simac PHI DATA. “But with ever larger volumes and the manpower shortage, some new challenges are emerging. The yooBeeEYE solution from BlooLoc provides logistics managers with a highly visual overview of what is to be found where in a warehouse.”

yooBeeEYE from BlooLoc is a good supplement to the logistics solutions that Simac PHI DATA already has now for stock management and warehousing. yooBeeEYE is a warehousing platform based on Artificial Intelligence. By fitting optical sensors on forklift trucks, the warehouse manager always knows where a pallet is located, without needing to scan anymore. Everyone working in logistics has found to their cost what the consequences are if a pallet can’t be found, or is sent the wrong way. “Logistics is becoming more and more complex,” says Kurt Nauwelaerts. “Pallets used to be stacked four high; now, it’s not unusual for them to be stacked seven or eight high. Even with the most advanced scanning solutions, that can lead to a high margin for error. The more pallets there are, the greater the chance of mistakes when recording the goods. BlooLoc provides a solution for that. The optical sensors provide the warehouse manager with a dashboard on which they can see all movements live, for both the fork-lift trucks and the pallets. 

Simac PHI DATA will not only be offering the yooBeeEYE solution from BlooLoc – the company is also offering an entire service provision around it, from advice on setting up the solution and its actual implementation, to building integrations with the warehouse management systems in use at a company. If no WMS is in the picture at present, then its own IDstock® solution from Simac PHI DATA can be offered. Moreover, yooBeeEYE is a platform upon which new functionality can be built, creating an even more extensive system.

“There are many points of intersection between Simac PHI DATA and BlooLoc,” says Kurt Nauwelaerts. “Logistics and warehousing are an important area for both of us, in particular everything to do with Real-Time Locating Systems (RTLS) too. Both being active in the same geographical markets as Belgian companies makes the collaboration easy, just like the fact that we are focused on innovative technologies like Artificial Intelligence.”

Simac PHI DATA is already implementing yooBeeEYE for one of its customers now, and will promote the solution across the Benelux in 2024.

“There is a perfect fit between BlooLoc and Simac PHI DATA,” says Ivo Vandeweerd, CEO at BlooLoc, “both in terms of our complementary products and in terms of a customer-focused approach to the market. There is great added value for us in Simac PHI DATA being able to offer yooBeeEYE to its customer base and that we can approach new customers together.”

About BlooLoc

BlooLoc specialises in supplying solutions based on indoor location determination, with its head office in Hasselt and a branch in Herent. The yooBeeEYE Real Time Locating System (RTLS) from BlooLoc – based on AI vision – transforms forklift trucks into smart machines, making logistical operations safer and more efficient. yooBeeEYE makes its mark as the only cost-effective solution for scan-free and tag-free pallet tracking currently available on the market, and typically pays for itself in less than 12 months. Furthermore, it offers a comprehensive range of safety and data analysis functions within the same platform.

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