Kathleen De Schutter joins PHI DATA team bringing productivity and innovation to the healthcare industry with their Smart Edge solutions


Kathleen De Schutter (49) joins PHI DATA’s Integrated Solutions department as Business Development Manager. With her extensive network and years of experience in the healthcare sector, she is well positioned to advise hospitals and healthcare institutions on the choice of solutions that will help them work more efficiently and provide better visibility in the workplace.

PHI DATA offers a broad and strong range of management solutions, coupled with or using digital identification technologies allowing it to comprehensively inform hospitals and healthcare centers on the most cost-effective and productive solution. 

To this end, PHI DATA offers solutions around real-time asset tracking, inventory management in the central but also in the decentralized warehouses, condition monitoring, as well as for the safety of patients and healthcare providers and employees. The company is building an entire team dedicated to this sector.


With the hiring of Kathleen De Schutter as Business Development Manager, PHI DATA brings in additional market expertise. Kathleen spent the past 8 years working for BeWell Innovations, a Belgian MedTech company that developed a digital platform for tracking patients before and after treatment in the hospital through personalized care pathways. Previously, she also gained experience in building long-term collaborations at IB (total solutions hard- and software in industry & retail).

“In the Health & Care sector, there are a lot of activities happening behind the scenes that nevertheless have a significant impact on quality within healthcare for both the overall management, the patient and the healthcare provider,” says Kathleen De Schutter. “Personally, I have witnessed up close how smooth cooperation between the healthcare team and various internal departments has a positive impact on the patient. To ensure optimal productivity and Quality of Care, these underlying processes all need to be implemented as efficiently as possible.  With our own software solutions including IDstock®, IDasset®, IDhospitalsupply and, on the other hand, the solutions of our strategic partners including RTLS location tracking from Blyott, Optiscanban® solution from Belintra and MobileView from Securitas Healthcare, we can devise a total solution that adds value for our customers.”

PHI DATA’s extensive portfolio was one of the reasons she joined the company. “I have known PHI DATA for about 20 years. I really appreciate that the company continues to invest in both employees and product development. It is also a very solid company that has been around for more than 40 years. I feel particularly well supported here to continue working on my expertise in Health & Care, a sector close to my heart.” 

In addition to her professional activities, De Schutter invests time in her newly composed family. She clears her head by going for walks in the woods and sailing.

“Kathleen brings a lot of added value to our team offering solutions to the healthcare sector,” said Kurt Nauwelaerts, responsible for PHI DATA’s Integrated Solutions division. “Customers and prospects from that sector already know and trust Kathleen. They know she thinks along with them about the ideal solution to increase their efficiency. And they know that Kathleen uses her expertise to build long-term relationships.”

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