IDasset®: an inventory system for fixed assets

Nowadays there is more and more need for accurate monitoring of assets, ranging from office furniture, IT material, spare parts, machinery and even artwork. The reasons for this are:

  • Compliance with accounting principles and depreciation
  • Prevention of loss and theft
  • Ensuring maximum use of space and material
  • Overall cost awareness
  • Monitoring of current state of material
  • Compliance with legal requirements of inspection intervals

IDsset use in 3 steps

1. Creation of assets

Typically, assets are identified by a number, however other information can also be determined such as:

  • Serial Number
  • Item Number
  • Item Categories
  • Owner
  • Inspection Period
  • Inspection Interval
  • Status

You can create assets using a web application, on a mobile device, or by importing them from another system. The unique asset number appears on a pre-printed label in a normal readable form, in a 1D or 2D barcode or as UHF RFID. Printing or programming labels is also part of IDasset®.


2. Make an inventory IDAsset inventory take

All assets are localised by a mobile device. After scanning the location, all assets present must be scanned. The device will then show the differences compared to the previous inventory exercise (missing or additional assets). The exercise can also be conducted offline. You do not need a WiFi or 3G connection whilst making the inventory. 

With the mobile device you can also register the relocation of assets, so you are always up-to-date.


3. Reporting

The IDasset® website allows you to consult the location of all assets, as well as the date of the last time an inventory was made or an asset was relocated, and the status and history of each individual asset.
Search criteria are based on building, room, category, item, owner, status etc.
You can also export this data to other systems, to incorporate it in the accounting software for example.


IDasset® available in SaaS

IDasset® can be installed on your server, but is also available online. All you need is a mobile device with an integrated barcode or RFID reader and a 3G connection and you are ready to go!