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In professional environments like factories, production facilities, warehouses, large construction sites and labs, it is perfectly possible to maintain safety distancing in order to prevent contamination with the corona virus or Covid-19. It is especially important to help people follow the safety measures and increase their sense of safety and well-being. That is why PHI DATA developed SmartProximity, a new Smart Edge solution that makes it easier for colleagues to maintain the necessary distance and carry out work safely and comfortably.

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Plug & play kits

Proximity warning

Proximity Warning, the unconnected version consists of wearables (tags, badge type) that exchange signals with each other. When employees get too close to each other, it is detected and each wearer hears an alarm, the wearable vibrates and the LED lights up.

We use UWB (Ultra wide Band) technology for proximity detection, for accuracy down to a few centimetres.

Smart tags only

The Smart Tags Only SmartProximity version with smart tags but without a software platform can be upgraded to a connected solution at any time by adding a package with gateway(s), Cloud application software and 4G communication subscriptions. View the diagram here.

Connected Version

With the Connected SmartProximity solution, the generated alarms from the smart tags are forwarded in real time over a local LoRaWan network to the Gateway which in turn forwards everything to the Cloud over 4G. View the diagram here.

The SmartProximity solution comes ready to use and is user-friendly: the gateway is plugged in and the tags for the wearables are delivered ready to use.

SME Connected Solution Package

Includes a do-it-yourself starter kit:

  • 1 SmartProximity gateway
  • 50 tags for 50 persons
  • Annual license for 1 gateway and 50 people, including Cloud Dashboard

Enterprise Connected Solution Package

Includes the Enterprise do-it-yourself Kit:

  • 3 SmartProximity gateways
  • 200 tags for 200 persons
  • Annual license for 3 gateways and 200 persons, including Cloud dashboard

Both packages can be expanded with an Expansion Kit (a package of 50/100/200 tags and annual licence for 50/100/200 persons).

Future-proof solution: with the UWB hardware, you can easily upgrade to other safety solutions such as a fork lift proximity warning or man down alarm. You can also choose to switch to an asset management solution later. View the diagram for an Extended Connected version. Your investment pays off in the long term.

Choose an operational leasing formula so you don’t have to provide an investment budget.

Detailed insights

All events are stored in the Cloud and can be reported if necessary. In line with the GDPR guidelines, no personal or location data is stored: you can anonymize by using User IDs (UID) or another numbering. In the event of any new infections, you can take action quickly: after all, you can easily deduce from the report which carrier (UID) alarms have been triggered and which other employees have been in contact with this person. This also allows you to easily track who should be tested and adjust any business processes, without having to temporarily close the entire company.

Curious to learn how SmartProximity works? Check out the video!

Note: this video was recorded in February 2020, before the stricter regulations on wearing a face mask came into effect.

6 advantages of the SmartProximity solution for safety distancing:

  • Fast and easy to implement: Plug & play in a do-it-yourself kit
  • Easy and comfortable to use, fitted with built-in buzzer, vibration, led
  • No integration with your IT network required
  • Upgradable to Connected solution
  • Suitable for various working environments, both indoor and outdoor
  • UWB detection technology for high accuracy

SmartProximity is used worldwide in the countries in blue:

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Profel Group chooses SmartProximity!

“Profel invests in the safety of the personnel and that is why we are going to test the SmartProximity solution from PHI DATA. In this way, we make it easier for our employees to maintain 1.5 meters safe distance. In addition, through the real-time reporting, we can intervene quickly in the event of a corona infection and find the right people to have themselves tested – while respecting the GDPR legislation. The plug and play rollout takes very little time and that is of course also an advantage.”

– Peter Withofs, Logistics Manager, Profel Group

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