AZ Delta – New localization capabilities H.-Hart Hospital Roeselare-Menen

The Heilig-Hart Hospital Roeselare (now AZ Delta) – Menen implements different localisation applications. Advanced RTLS (Real Time Location System) capabilities will simplify the work of the staff and increase patient safety and convenience. The applications use the  Wi-Fi network that PHI DATA installed earlier in all buildings of the three hospital campuses.

After installing a Cisco Wi-Fi infrastructure, linked to an AeroScout localisation system (MobileView RTLS platform), PHI DATA analysed the needs and different test installations allowing users to also provide their input.

Tracing sterile sets

One of the priorities is the integration with the applications of Aexis Medical,  leader in applications for the central sterilisation department. The MLine Suite from Aexis Medical offers the possibility to track the location of sterile sets, patients and equipment by scanning barcodes. Thanks to the integration with the AeroScout MobileView platform, this process will be completely automatic. The set can be followed throughout the entire hospital.

Other localisation applications

  • Wander detection system for patients in nursing units. To improve the safety of patients, doors are protected with Exciters linked to tags. As soon as a patient without guidance (from staff or family) would leave the unit, an alarm is triggered.
  • For the preventive maintenance of the IV pumps an important localisation application was developed. The more than 1,000 pumps are equipped with a tag that indicates the location. It is expected that this will reduce the number of pumps and the maintenance costs with 30%.
  • Aggression prevention through bidirectional (T4B) tags. With these tags nurses can communicate in a simple way with the security staff via short messages and automatically transmit their location.

The AeroScout solution comprises a licence for 2,500 tags to be implemented over a timespan of three years.

We were looking for a comprehensive Track & Trace solution that allows us to work in an efficient and user-friendly way, that works preventively and guarantees a better service to our patients. From the outset, we wanted to provide a complete platform that can be used in the entire hospital. The cooperation between Aexis Medical and PHI DATA enables us as users to define our needs and analyse the operation afterwards. An ideal situation.”

Chris van der Beken – IT Director

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