AZ Monica – RFID for more efficient inventory management at AZ Monica

AZ Monica is a private hospital of 477 hospital beds and 100 day hospitalization beds in the Antwerp region. It arose from the merger of Mary Mediatrix Hospital in Deurne and Eeuwfeestkliniek in Antwerp.

Later, the Apra clinic (rehabilitation) integrated into the Antwerp campus. Both original campuses remain as fully acute hospitals, but more and more specialization and complementarity is needed. AZ Monica is also affiliated with the University Hospital Antwerp (UZA) via a group .

In Belgium the hospital is known as a progressive institution and draws that line also in its logistics needs. PHI DATA received the commission of providing all consumables with RFID tags to manage the stock more efficiently. In addition, PHI DATA also implements ARTA , the mobile solution for ” resources and patient transport ” , which is used on Motorola MC55A – HC Healthcare handhelds, a first in Belgium.

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