IDFresh prevents discussions or mistakes at Beauvoords Bakhuis

The Beauvoords Bakhuis produces and sells pancakes and waffles. They are officially recognized as a regional product of the Westhoek. Legend has it that only Maggy Duquesne, who started selling the pancakes in the 1970s, and her daughter Karen Pauwelyn, current manager, know the secret recipe. Currently the waffles and pancakes are for sale in countries including Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Italy, Norway, Czech Republic and Slovakia. For their deliveries to Delhaize, Beauvoords Bakhuis looked for an automated solution.

Automated delivery process

Until 2011 Beauvoords Bakhuis’s delivery process was not yet automated. Orders were placed via fax or email and then noted in the accounting programme, after which delivery notes and invoices were made. By retyping or overwriting those orders, they ended up in their own tracking system.

That is why Delhaize suggested several suppliers who might be able to help with the automation of the deliveries and its communication. “We quickly decided to go with PHI DATA’s IDFresh”, says Karen Pauwelyn, manager of Beauvoords Bakhuis. “The solution is easy to use and offers good value for money. Also because PHI DATA offers a solution tailor-made for us, so we never pay unnecessarily for features we’ll never use.”

Karen Pauwelyn is referring to ERP packages. “Our production process is very simple. As we only use seven different ingredients, there is no need to automate the stock management. It suffices to note daily the amount left of each of the seven products. IDFresh really is a solution tailor-made for us: we aren’t obligated to buy things we can’t use, such as entire ERP packages that would just slow down our system and have no added value.”

According to Karen Pauwelyn another great advantage of PHI DATA’s IDFresh is the integration of the invoicing. “3-4 times a day we prepare orders, every time of different pallets. When the order for Delhaize is complete, the supermarket chain receives an electronic despatch advice message, which includes all the information in EDI, a standard that can be read by all computer systems. An invoice is sent automatically and a barcode label is printed, complying with the GS1-128 standard.”

When the complete order is ready, Beauvoords Bakhuis employees manually scan the unique RFID codes of each crate at the end of the production line. “We have chosen to work this way as it allows us to stay in control: we make sure that the right labels are printed and stuck to the right pallet.”

Time savings and fewer errors

Karen Pauwelyn is very happy about PHI DATA’s solution and about the cooperation. “We haven’t regretted our choice for IDFresh for a second. There is no room for discussion and orders or faxes cannot be lost. Preparing and delivering is now quicker and easier and we make fewer mistakes. We don’t really have downtime. If we have an issue, we give a PHI DATA employee remote access to our solution. We can always be sure that everything will be fixed.”

Currently, IDFresh supports EDI messaging transfer with Delhaize, Delfood, Carrefour and Colruyt. PHI DATA can of course also make the system compatible for other companies.

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