Lyreco joins forces with PHI DATA to automate the management of its clients’ office supply stocks

Lyreco, a leader in the office supplies market, has collaborated with PHI DATA to develop the fully automated Lyreco Cupboard Management System (LCMS) for its clients. This new system originated in Benelux and has now expanded to clients in Scandinavia and Australia.

Lyreco clients using the LCMS service no longer need to worry about their office supplies. Lyreco will take care of managing the replenishment of the client’s cupboards containing the different products. PHI DATA has now automated this process, which was previously carried out by hand and on paper. The company, which specialises in Auto ID solutions, has created a complete system that includes a web interface, a mobile application and the sending of information entered into the Lyreco server.

An integrated and automated process

The website makes it possible to specify the composition of clients’ cupboards, the desired minimum quantities of each product and the frequency and quantity of replenishments. The cupboards and products can be identified by a barcode. The driver responsible for replenishments can access the mobile app through a portable terminal connected to Lyreco’s central server via Wi-Fi/3G/4G. This application is particularly easy to use and makes it possible to check clients’ stocks just by scanning the cupboard’s barcode. The missing products can be identified immediately, as the scan results in the creation of a new order in the Lyreco ERP. Once the order has been placed, the driver delivers the products during the next client visit.

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Productivity gains

LCMS is an effective substitute for the manual system, which involved both the driver writing the order on paper and the client service then processing the data. Automating the process saves time and results in greater productivity for Lyreco employees, whilst also reducing the risk of errors and omissions in the manual system. The application also includes an up-to-date version of the supplies database. Finally, the system provides the driver with the list of clients to visit each day, in accordance with the frequency and day of replenishment. There is a considerable impact on the workload of Lyreco’s customer service, as with real-time data transmission, orders arrive on an ongoing basis and it is no longer necessary to process a large number of orders at one time.

Associated benefits

The labelling process is built into the system, as new labels are suggested automatically when a product is added to the Lyreco database. The language on the barcode product description can be changed (Dutch, French, English, Norwegian, Danish and Swedish) and other languages can be imported.

This process makes the service more reliable for Lyreco’s clients. In terms of reputation, this new system gives the business a more modern image.

“Automating the process has allowed us to improve the service we offer our clients; it has two major advantages, firstly it increases our productivity, and secondly it reduces the risk of errors, leading to greater quality of service and enhanced customer satisfaction”, explains Christophe Vautherod, Lyreco Group Logistics Expert.

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