Match and PHI DATA: long-term partnership for optimum Wi-Fi coverage in Match/Smatch supermarkets

A brand of the independent Belgian volume retailing group, Louis Delhaize / Cora, MATCH has about 50 supermarkets in Belgium and 13 in Luxembourg. The group also owns the SMATCH brand. In total, it represents 150 stores in Belgium and Luxembourg.

Over 10 years of collaboration

The collaboration between the two companies goes back more than 10 years: PHI DATA was responsible for the initial installation of Wi-Fi access points and advised Match in its choice of laptop computers. These facilitate supermarkets’ stocktaking and stock management. Via a system based on a Web app, employees request replenishments by simply scanning the desired product’s barcode.

However, these terminals need to be renewed regularly in order to keep up-to-date and remain compatible with new technologies in access points.

Therefore, in the frame of this collaboration, PHI DATA ensured the configuration of access points, the wireless controller and project management for each store. In particular, the system set up by PHI DATA offers the advantage of remotely detecting any problems encountered at an access point. In total, 400 access points have been replaced by PHI DATA, bearing in mind that every store is equipped with at least two access points. 62 still remain to be implemented for Match stores in Belgium.


In addition to the technical benefits, the partnership with PHI DATA also offers financial advantages: owing to the high number of terminals concerned, PHI DATA is able to negotiate with suppliers and offer Match attractive prices.  Furthermore, the maintenance teams’ travel expenses are calculated on a fixed-rate basis, which is advantageous for the numerous Match sites across Belgium and Luxembourg.

Efficient service

PHI DATA’s familiarity with Match’s environment, the efficiency of the teams and all of the services provided (replacement, configuration, delivery, maintenance), were key elements in the success of this renewal project. Indeed, an important aspect of Match’s specifications was the need to keep disruptions to a minimum by adapting the schedule of the maintenance works.

“We were looking for a stable and standardised solution for all our brand’s stores. The excellent service provided by PHI DATA when we were installing Wi-Fi equipment in our stores led us to renew our confidence in them for the replacement of the equipment used and in order to improve its security and reliability via the latest technologies. PHI DATA understands our needs and offers effective technical solutions. Finally, its staff is very responsive, which is extremely important for the continuity of our operations”, says Marc Dantinne, Technical Domain Manager Belgium – Luxembourg for Match Supermarkets.

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