SCA Hygiene Products chooses LabelEasy, an all-in-one labelling solution

With its new LabelEasy concept, PHI DATA implements the first all-in-one labelling solution at SCA Hygiene Products Stembert, supplier of household and sanitary paper products. Thanks to the all-in formula the company is assured of continuity in the operations and deliveries and a guaranteed productivity. The cooperation is for five years, during which time PHI DATA will deliver over 40 million labels to SCA Hygiene Products.

Managed Labelling Services

PHI DATA launched LabelEasy late 2011 in the Belgian marketplace. This new concept offers an all-in Labelling solution at a fixed price per label and provides a clear planning for delivery terms and support. This way, the customer has one overall solution,  one contract, one contact and a fixed all-in price per label. This eliminates the need for negotiating with multiple suppliers in order to cover all the steps in the printing – from purchasing, installation and training until the operational phase. The biggest advantages are the ease of use, the flexibility and the gain of time, but most of all the consistency in quality, because only one party takes care of everything.


SCA Hygiene Products  was the first in the Belgian market to choose LabelEasy. “The importance of labels and printers is often underestimated. In our market however, they are business critical products, that ensure that we can remain operational. We could see nothing but benefits in the new formula by PHI DATA, and we decided quite quickly based on our previous cooperation to work with them. Thanks to LabelEasy we can now rely on one supplier for managing the complete printing process and all deliveries. Moreover, we now have access to predictable and distributed costs in line with our manufacturing volume, and there is no high investment up front,” says Fabien Grégoire, financial director at SCA Hygiene Products.

With LabelEasy we try to even better meet the current requirements of our customers and the market trends. Instead of ordering labels separately, buying printers and signing support contracts, they can now turn to us for and all-in ‘labelling as a service’ formula. Apart from numerous practical benefits we offer companies above all a huge peace of mind.”

Rudi Lambrechts, Business Development Manager Printmedia Solutions at PHI DATA.

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