St. Dimpna Hospital in Geel started with temperature monitoring via Wi-Fi

Saint-Dimpna hospital in Geel has initiated temperature monitoring of its refrigerators over a wireless network. In cooperation with AeroScout, world leader in Visibility Solutions in healthcare, PHI DATA introduces this project as a first in Europe. By means of Wi-Fi tags the hospital can remotely check, in a first phase,  the temperature of the refrigerators in 10 nursing units, automatically generate reports and react  vigilantly in case of sudden temperature fluctuations.

At the Saint-Dimpna Hospital in Geel PHI DATA carried out the installation of wireless temperature sensors and the MobileView management platform by AeroScout for temperature monitoring of among others medication and food.

Wi-Fi tags (AeroScout T5a Sensor Tags) are placed in the hospital’s refrigerators. Thanks to this technology it is possible to wirelessly monitor the temperature of the refrigerators, to automatically generate reports and to fire alerts in case of sudden drops or increases. The MobileView solution by AeroScout is integrated in the existing wireless Cisco network and the existing Honeywell facility management system. Later, when extending the network in the rest of the hospital, apart from nursing units, other departments such as the lab and pharmacy will be equipped with this temperature monitoring system.

“The temperature control in a hospital is vital”, says Danny Van Reeth of the  St.-Dimpna. “Medicines and foods must be kept in optimal conditions and strictly controlled. The nurses used to do a daily round to record the temperature. A time consuming job that always had the risk of errors while writing down the data. This manual system was already replaced with “loggers” that were read only every so many days. The new  real time temperature monitoring system will not only help us to comply even better with the strict regulations but also to provide our patients with the best possible care.”

“We are delighted with the confidence we receive from AZ St.-Dimpna“, says  Erik Cotman, Business Development Manager at PHI DATA. “The AeroScout application fits perfectly within their existing infrastructure. Moreover, this avoids the installation of a cabled monitoring system that is inflexible and expensive. Thanks to its localisation possibility, the AeroScout platform allows the addition of future other applications, such as asset management, material maintenance, patient and staff safety, flow and resources management…”

“Our cooperation with PHI DATA enables us to offer the healthcare sector added value. Their background in automatic identification (AUTO-ID) and our unified visibility solutions help hospitals to optimise their processes and the care provided to their patients”, says  Wim Verduyn, AeroScout’s Healthcare Director Europe.

“The temperature control in a hospital is vital. Medicines and foods must be kept in optimal conditions and under strict control. The nurses used to do a daily round to record the temperature data. A time consuming task with always the risk of errors while writing down the data.”

Danny Van Reeth, Technical Director

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