LabelEasy is an all-in-one solution for printing labels tailored to your business. It is a financial formula where you can now print at a competitive price per label. You read that right: you pay an all-in price. You no longer need to buy printers, you always have enough labels, ribbons and other consumables in stock, and we take care of maintenance. In short: you print, we do the rest.

LabelEasy not only makes label printing financially predictable, the solution also grows with your organization. With LabelEasy you conclude a transparent agreement that guarantees operational continuity. Without upfront investment.

Choose peace of mind with LabelEasy: One contract – One solution – One price per label – One point of contact

Rely on us!

With PHI DATA you choose a reliable partner with almost 40 years of expertise in everything related to labelling and printing. We think along with our customers with the aim of guaranteeing operational continuity and optimizing processes.

Our experience and knowledge ensure that we know the challenges that labelling presents today. Trust us for a formula that allows you to focus more on your core business. You can leave the labelling to us with peace of mind.


  • One point of contact for all your printers, ribbons, labels and consumables
  • One transparent contract tailored to your organization
  • A competitive, fixed price per label
  • Operational continuity guaranteed
  • Maintenance included
  • No upfront investment
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This is what our expert says…

“With LabelEasy we respond even better to the current needs of our customers and market trends. Instead of ordering their labels separately, purchasing printers and taking out maintenance contracts, they can now come to us for an all-in “label as a service” formula. In addition to numerous practical advantages, we first and foremost offer companies enormous peace of mind. ”

(Rudi Lambrechts, PHI DATA)

… and this is what our customers say


“It is important for us to be able to be operational at all times. PHI DATA provides that guarantee: from proactive maintenance to replenishing stocks. ”

(Filip, Ineos Oxide)

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“The LabelEasy solution meets all of our needs, both in terms of productivity and cost control.”

(Fabien, Essity)

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“Dankzij LabelEasy kunnen wij ons op onze kerntaken richten. PHI DATA is er steeds om alles in de gaten te houden.”

(Kris, Volvo Group Logistics Services)


A perfect print on your labels or documents requires the right combination of print technology, software and consumables. The printer range that PHI DATA offers is comprehensive and reflects the different needs and applications. Whether we’re talking about barcode labels or integrated RFID tags, the quality of the printing material is essential for a successful solution. The correct choice of the type of printer, consumables and services is therefore of the utmost importance. A good print of a barcode or a correctly programmed RFID tag ensure fast scanning and fewer data errors and therefore contribute to an efficient solution.


Barcode technology today is so flexible that it can be used for tasks such as tracking stock movement, tracing from raw material to finished product, or as a way to improve productivity by reducing the risk of errors and thus saving time. The design, printing and application of barcodes via label printers and applicators is now easier than ever, so companies that use this technology have a head start on those who still hesitate to take the plunge.

Mobile devices

For optimal data collection, it is important that your employees can count on the appropriate mobile terminals. PHI DATA offers a range of high quality and reliable terminals that allow you to collect, process and exchange data with your underlying business systems for real-time information.

Labels and supplies

With over 30 years of experience in Printmedia (labels and supplies), PHI DATA offers a broad range of labels and related articles. In view of your specific projects, you can also rely on PHI DATA® for advice and development tailored to your application.

An efficient labelling system is unmissable for tracking and tracing goods in your chain. As you want to focus on your core tasks, we have made the labelling process as simple as possible for you.

Our managed labelling solution offers you an incredibly user-friendly all-in-one labelling solution—all you need to do is put the roll of blank labels in the printer. You benefit from a fixed supply plan for all your labels and accessories, including an all-in maintenance plan. There’s not even any need to make advance investments. You can also combine this service with applicators that will automatically apply labels to products.

Good warehouse management is essential for service and utility companies aiming to provide efficient, effective services. With our IDwms® solution and the appropriate Auto-ID hardware, you have the tools and instruments you need to make your warehouse activities run smoothly and flawlessly.

By fitting every one of your warehouse locations and goods carriers with a barcode ID number, you’re able to follow up all goods movements within your warehouse: from receipt and stocking to picking and sending. This results in flawless location management, less administration and higher productivity in your warehouse. Using the software, you also generate automatic barcode labels and other documents. Of course, we guarantee the seamless integration of our WMS with your ERP.

Is your company struggling with stock that is difficult to follow up? Perhaps spare parts for technicians, important consumables or various stock for different projects are causing problems? Our targeted solution for stock management is a must-have. It uses barcodes and/or RFID tags to identify goods and their locations. Handheld terminals register every stock movement in real time. This allows your staff members to work more efficiently while avoiding stock shortages and unnecessary orders.

As every action and movement is visible in the history, this solution is perfect for analysing the use of stock per project, per department or per client.