Proof of Delivery & Proof of Collect: optimal follow-up of your paperless deliveries, with real-time track & trace information.

IDdelivery, our Smart Edge solution for Proof of Delivery & Proof of Collect allows you to organise and track the deliveries of your parcels, very efficiently.

IDdelivery combines PHI DATA’s user-friendly proof of delivery software with the right hardware (a PDA with a scanner). A unique barcode is affixed to packages so they can be monitored. This barcode is linked to a packing note. When a driver scans the barcode with their PDA, this is immediately recorded in the database. This is how IDdelivery validates the shipment before departure. Next, the driver calls up the first customer’s address, including route instructions, with one click. The arrival time for the next destination is calculated and communicated.

Each item delivered is rescanned at the destination. The customer signs the screen of the PDA to confirm receipt. If there are any problems with the delivery, these can be indicated, using photos if necessary. Payments can be recorded flawlessly too. The device then sends all the information on to the administration or customer services. No paperwork is involved, which is financially beneficial as well as delivering considerable time savings.

IDdelivery means less administration, increases productivity and avoids errors and discussions after delivery.


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