Food manufacturer Didden chooses IDwms to optimise its supply chain

The solution features IDwms software from PHI DATA in combination with TC8000 scanners

In an aim to handle the entire logistical process in-house, food manufacturer Didden was looking for an efficient solution to manage the warehouse with a database that was updated in real time. The company wanted to be able to track the movements of goods at all times: from the delivery of raw materials to the finished product, and including any returns. The solution needed to be compatible with the existing ERP package and suitable for implementation in the short term.

“In the past we outsourced our logistics department. With everything now under our own control we urgently needed to extend our systems,” says Olivier Reimann, IT Manager at Didden. “We went in search of a system that could be easily integrated with our existing ERP package and that could be introduced in the short term. Efficiency was an important motive during our search.”

Didden approached PHI DATA having seen the IDwms solutions in operation with their former partner. IDwms is a warehouse management system that monitors warehouse stock movements by using Auto-ID with barcodes and Wi-Fi. The basic principle is that all packs in the warehouse are given a unique label, making them quick and easy to identify. Staff use portable terminals equipped with a barcode scanner and Wi-Fi connection. This means that the database is updated in real time. Thanks to IDwms our stock management is now considerably more efficient, less locational errors are recorded and our administration is much easier.

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As soon as raw materials arrive at Didden, they are scanned and integrated in the existing ERP package. Staff also print new labels and attach them to the packs. When these are scanned they appear neatly in IDwms and people know where the package needs to be stored. This clearly varies depending on the type of raw material. The moment the production department requires a raw material, their request is converted into a picking order by the system. Once this has been carried out, the system informs the database and the stock is automatically updated. After the production department has processed the raw materials into a finished product, they continue their way in the ERP package.

When the finished products are ready to be taken to the logistics hall, they are also integrated in IDwms. The finished products are either placed in a rack in the logistics hall or go to a picking location if the stock is already exhausted.

Staff use IDwms to complete orders, which are then given an IDwms label for temporary storage or be sent directly to the distribution bay. Once the order has been sent, a file is created that goes to the ERP package via an interface to handle invoicing.

Leftovers are taken into account as well. If raw materials are left over in the production department, they can easily be restored to IDwms. The same applies to returned goods, even though they are first given an extra inspection.

“The solution that we have provided to Didden will allow them to manage their future stock control efficiently,” says Kurt Nauwelaerts from PHI DATA. “Everything runs smoothly using their existing ERP package, from goods receipt right through to invoicing.”

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“We chose PHI DATA because, for us, it was the most logical compromise on a technological and economical level,” explains Olivier Reimann. Another major factor was the short deadline in which the project needed to be up and running. “We first had contact in September, and the test was already underway in November. By early December the solution had already been integrated in the raw materials department and the finished goods department was included by early January. I would call that a sporting deadline and we are certainly delighted with the result that has been achieved in such a short time.”

It was also important to Didden that the solution was user-friendly. “The integration of IDwms was a challenge but it isn’t ‘rocket science’ and it’s a very simple system to use. Also, since its integration, no major changes have been necessary. The users passed on the odd modification to make their lives easier, but nothing more than that.”


Allow the logistical process to be carried out entirely in-house


  • IDwms software from PHI DATA
  • TC8000 (ZEBRA) mobile terminals
  • Extreme APs


  • Efficient warehouse management
  • Easy administration
  • User-friendly solution

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