Hygiene products specialist Essity (SCA) is renewing its trust in the LabelEasy solution by PHI DATA

First LabelEasy customer

In 2011, SCA Hygiene Products Stembert (now Essity) , a manufacturer of paper hygiene products, was the first Belgian company to opt for the LabelEasy solution newly launched by PHI DATA. With this new concept, PHI DATA wanted to offer its customers a global solution for labels.  The LabelEasy solution, which has many industrial applications, is an “all-in-one” solution, thus guaranteeing the company continuity of service and delivery and, therefore, productivity. This solution establishes a set price per label and covers the different steps in the printing process. With this, the customer no longer needs to collaborate with several suppliers for the buying, installation, maintenance or training phases.

“The LabelEasy solution meets all our needs, as much in terms of productivity as the control of costs.”

Fabien Grégoire, Financial Director at Essity

Ensure product traceability

In the frame of its new project (2017), Essity wanted to secure its so-called “pallet” label application system and replace the control system for its two Print & Apply machines. The company’s main aim is to ensure the traceability of its products in order to guarantee a quality service for its customers. Therefore, it was looking for a practical and efficient solution that would also enable the control of production costs.

The solution offered by PHI DATA comprises the provision of the equipment for five years, programming, equipment test and maintenance phases on site, as well as the delivery of labels. In the case of Essity, it was calculated on the basis of an average consumption of 1.4 million labels per year.

For Essity, there are three advantages to the solution proposed by PHI DATA: it ensures continuity of operations and deliveries for the period of the contract, freeing the customer from the usual concerns concerning the conclusion of new contracts, the search for suppliers, or the management of maintenance operations. Therefore, it is able to devote even more time to important projects that enable the company to grow. Also, the solution is advantageous in that it combines the different costs related to the printing of labels. It enables greater visibility and controls production costs because it is possible to know exactly what each label costs beforehand. Furthermore, by opting for LabelEasy, the customer does not cover the initial investment, which is usually high, for launching such a project, because it switches directly into OPEX mode, with a price per 1,000 labels.

Finally, the contract offers a certain flexibility because it is established on an estimation of an average volume of labels per year. However, a count is implemented every year and may result in an adjustment of the amounts invoiced. At the end of the contract, there are several options, such as, for example, renewal or the purchase of the equipment, the residual value of which is limited.

Long-term relationship

“We are seeking to establish long-term relationships with our customers. The LabelEasy project is perfect for this: indeed, thanks to LabelEasy, our customer is guaranteed an on-going and advantageous quality service for the next five years. Therefore, it no longer has to concern itself with the tricky question of labels and is able to focus on its “true profession”, namely the development of its activity”, explains Rudi Lambrechts, Business Development Manager at PHI DATA.

According to Fabien Grégoire, the Financial Director at Essity, “the relationship of trust built over the past few years with PHI DATA has convinced us to take this new step with them. The LabelEasy solution meets all our needs, as much in terms of productivity as the control of costs.”

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