Customers at Kris De Leeneer know their stocks thanks to IDwms by PHI DATA

The transport company Kris De Leeneer was founded by Kris De Leeneer in 2001. The company started with just two lorries and a delivery van. However, thanks to the tireless efforts of the owner and his staff the company has not stopped growing since. New customers are coming on board, and the fleet of vehicles is increasing, including the addition of refrigerated lorries. In 2007 the transport company became a logistical service provider when it opened a warehouse measuring over 3,000 square metres in Lebbeke. Halfway through 2015 a further warehouse measuring around 10,000 square metres was added in Dendermonde.

Kris De Leeneer does more than just transport and storage. The company also repacks its customers’ goods. This means that goods arrive in bulk, are packed and stacked on pallets and labelled. In order to give customers a clear and real-time view of their stocks Kris De Leeneer went looking for a warehouse management system. This needed to be capable of tracking the movements of incoming and outgoing pallets with a unique identification number, able to work with barcodes, allow De Leeneer’s customers to track stock in real time and provide automated warehouse management. The Warehouse Management System IDwms by PHI DATA was the best option available. “There were a number of reasons for this”, says owner Kris De Leeneer. “PHI DATA wanted to help us think things through and also offered a full package, consisting of WiFi, hand-held terminals, printers and software at an acceptable price for an SME.”

With IDwms it is possible to localise all goods very precisely: the programme allocates a unique identification number to each pallet in the warehouse and then prints the identification labels with a barcode. These barcodes are then scanned by the warehouse operators using a held-held terminal. Using the connection between the terminal and WiFi network, warehouse operators and customers can look up stock data in real time and easily manage the intake, storage and orders of goods. Thanks to this system all goods can be accurately traced at any time, both by staff and by customers.

At Kris De Leeneer IDWMS not only allows customers to keep track of their stock in real time, they can also enter delivery instructions into the system and confirm that they have received their goods. This helps to avoid errors and simplifies invoicing.

“The collaboration with PHI DATA has run smoothly for years”, says Kris De Leeneer. “At the start we knew what we wanted, but not how to achieve it. Fortunately staff at PHI DATA thought things through with us, which means we have now been using a system for years that still remains innovative. That’s why we have also chosen IDwms for our new warehouse in Dendermonde.”

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