Smooth stock management at Transports Michot thanks to PHI DATA’s IDwms solution

Transports Michot has been a specialist in the transport and storage of merchandise since 1981. Its services include the collection and delivery of merchandise as well as storage and order preparation for its clients. The business also offers an express service in Belgium and abroad, using partnerships with other carriers to deliver around the world. Transports Michot, whose premises are in Sint-Pieters-Leeuw, is a family-run business with around 20 vehicles travelling throughout Benelux.

Efficient stock management

Before choosing PHI DATA, the company had developed its own tracking system for managing warehouses. However, with a growing client base and increasing amounts of stock, it needed to find a professional solution for managing stock movements. Furthermore, a lot of the merchandise managed by Transports Michot is subject to excise duty; in view of the specific regulations that apply to this merchandise, it must be easy to identify and locate in the warehouses in order to avoid errors.

“Our main aim was to make our storage service more professional and find a suitable solution that was easy to set up. The PHI DATA solution quickly proved to be best suited to our needs”, said Sébastien Michot, Co-Manager of Transports Michot.

All merchandise can be precisely located in the warehouse using the IDWMS (Warehouse Management System); the programme allocates a unique identification number to each palette and then prints identification labels with barcodes, which are then scanned by the stock controllers. These controllers use hand-held terminals fitted with barcode readers and a WiFi connection to obtain real-time stock information. This makes it easier for them to manage the arrival and storage of merchandise. The system therefore allows the carrier’s employees and clients to accurately trace the merchandise.

“We were convinced that IDWMS was effective, so we asked PHI DATA to develop a solution that would also allow clients to access real-time information about their stock”, continued Sébastien Michot. Approximately ten clients now use the system, in addition to the four employees who use IDWMS every day.


“There was just a short training course to familiarise employees with the system, which shows how simple it is”, said Sébastien Michot. For Michot, “the main advantage of IDWMS is that it prevents errors during the handling of the merchandise, from receipt to end delivery. Using this modern technology has also allowed us to enhance our reputation in the logistics world.”

We have an excellent working relationship with PHI DATA, whose employees are skilled, available and always ready to help us move forward. We are currently extending this collaboration and have already recommended the IDWMS solution to several of our partners.”

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