Asset Tracking & Tracing

  • Government & Administration

Even if you are in government or administration, it is important to keep a good overview of your critical assets. Think of computer and office equipment or files. However, monitoring assets manually is a time-consuming activity, which nibbles away at your productivity. Moreover, some employees tend to hoard to make sure they always have their material. This lowers the availability of your assets.

Ideal for tracking your location and the status of your assets is our Asset Tracking solution. It makes it possible to correctly record, inventory and manage valuable assets across multiple locations. For example, the army applies the technology to track weapons coming in for overhaul. Through RFID combined with real-time monitoring, we ensure that you can track assets even more accurately, which will further increase your operational efficiency.

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Kurt Nauwelaerts

Business Development Manager
Kurt specialises both in solutions for the registration and inventory of assets and – specifically for your warehouse – in WMS and stock management solutions. As soon as the goods leave your organisation, he ensures traceability all the way to the end customer with the proof of delivery/proof of collect solution. Kurt knows your challenges thanks to his many years of experience in the industry and logistics sector. He is happy to discuss them with you and then provide appropriate advice.