Inbound & Outbound Management

  • Industry & Manufacturing

Large amounts of different raw materials are often delivered to production sites at the same time. And there are also high volumes of finished products that are shipped out at once. A passive RFID system is the solution for tracking the sending and receipt of full pallets of goods. As it runs automatically, you don’t have to dedicate staff or the related costs to it. And remember that with RFID, codes do not need to be directly visible.

The solution accelerates receipt and sending; even with the high read rate, the system remains completely reliable. The fully automatic reading system also offers you better insight into the delivery chain. You have a clear idea of all in- and out-going goods for each loading bay, including the exact time at which they arrived or departed.

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Kurt Nauwelaerts

Business Development Manager
Kurt specialises both in solutions for the registration and inventory of assets and – specifically for your warehouse – in WMS and stock management solutions. As soon as the goods leave your organisation, he ensures traceability all the way to the end customer with the proof of delivery/proof of collect solution. Kurt knows your challenges thanks to his many years of experience in the industry and logistics sector. He is happy to discuss them with you and then provide appropriate advice.