Maintenance of internal transport items

  • Industry & Manufacturing

It’s a challenge to accurately keep track of the location and status of internal transport resources in production environments. Nonetheless, it’s important to know how many items you use, where they are and when they are due for maintenance and servicing.

RFID tags allow you to follow the movements of trolleys in real time. In the factory, we install RFID doors that detect every item and the direction they’re travelling in. You’ll never waste time searching for trolleys again.

Based on certain criteria, it’s possible to trigger warnings that tell you it’s time for maintenance and servicing. When you take a proactive approach to maintenance, you reduce downtime and the number of production interruptions. This solution saves time in other ways: it’s a piece of cake to generate reports on maintenance visits, whether they’re monthly, based on the type of trolley or virtually any other criteria.

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Kurt Nauwelaerts

Business Development Manager
Kurt specialises both in solutions for the registration and inventory of assets and – specifically for your warehouse – in WMS and stock management solutions. As soon as the goods leave your organisation, he ensures traceability all the way to the end customer with the proof of delivery/proof of collect solution. Kurt knows your challenges thanks to his many years of experience in the industry and logistics sector. He is happy to discuss them with you and then provide appropriate advice.