Global leader in hygiene and health chooses SmartProximity in 80 locations worldwide

Our client – a global leader in hygiene and health – wanted to protect the staff against Covid-19 contamination in the workplace. It had to be a non-invasive solution that could be deployed quickly and easily and provided effective protection for employees worldwide.

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To make it possible to maintain a safety distance in professional environments to avoid contamination with Covid-19, PHI DATA has developed SmartProximity, a digital safety solution that helps maintain the necessary distance and provides effective reporting in the event of contamination or other proximity threats. People wear a tag (on a lanyard or attached to clothing) that gives a signal when the safety distance is not respected. The warning is visible (flashing light), tactile (vibration) and audible (acoustic signal with adjustable volume).

The “events” are transmitted wirelessly in the Cloud so that efficient anonymous contact tracing can be done in addition to prevention.

Our customer tested several solutions and SmartProximity was considered the best option for global implementation in some 80 locations worldwide (approx. 22,000 tags). The company sees many advantages in this solution: “It is not only quick and easy to implement, it is also very effective. Most importantly, after Covid-19, it can be transformed into a range of other worker safety solutions such as forklift approach alert, mustering, man-down alert or access control.”

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22,000 tags were delivered and put into use for safety distancing in the workplace. SmartProximity makes it easier for employees to keep the correct distance from each other and thus contribute to the prevention of Covid-19 infections.

In a second phase, the safety application for forklift trucks will be tested. Here too, SmartProximity offers an effective solution: when forklift trucks threaten to collide with each other or with people, a warning is given to avoid accidents.

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