PHI DATA and Blyott help healthcare sector provide professional and affordable solution for asset tracking using Bluetooth tags


Wemmel, 01 September 2022 – IT integrator PHI DATA, specialists in digitising business processes, want to help healthcare organisations retain a better overview of their working resources in a simple and affordable manner. To achieve this, the company is joining forces with Blyott, an innovative player in Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS). Together, they are producing small and affordable tags that work with Bluetooth Low Energy technology, a great alternative to tags that use Wi-Fi connection technology. Due to the level of investment involved, their current circulation is still limited. PHI DATA is looking to implement the technology on a wider scale, whether in combination with their own solutions or not. What’s more, current Blyott clients in the Benelux can now benefit from PHI DATA’s services.

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Kurt Nauwelaerts, Sales Manager Integrated Solutions at PHI DATA: ‘The implementation of technology that helps companies track their work resources or assets at all times (i.e. ‘asset tracking’) is in high demand, including within the healthcare sector. However, devices relying on Wi-Fi are too expensive to deploy en masse. That is about to change. I expect that BLE tags’ significant price reduction will result in a far wider adoption of our asset tracking solutions. There is now nothing standing in the way of rendering all assets traceable, thereby allowing the healthcare sector to make better use of its people and resources in the future.’

According to Wim Verduyn, International Sales & Partner Director at Blyott, things are already heading in the right direction: ‘PHI DATA is a reputable player in the supply chain and asset tracking market. They have a great deal of experience in RTLS solutions and are especially active within the healthcare sector. What’s more, our solution is easy to integrate thanks to their IDasset® inventory software. Together, we are able to provide an affordable and comprehensive solution in next to no time.’

Luc Van Gerwen, Business Development Manager Health & Care at PHI DATA, is keen to discuss the solution’s ease of use: ‘This solution is incredibly easy to deploy. Simply attach the tags, connect via Bluetooth to the cloud-based web platform, and you’re away. The tags’ batteries last a minimum of five years, even with the tags sending out signals every five seconds. In addition, the Blyott solution comes with extensive reporting, while extra attention has also been paid to the overall user experience. You can easily trace each asset’s location, with the inclusion of clear text descriptions. Gone are the days of zooming in and out of complex floor plans.’

150% ROI in just 5 minutes 

The business case for cheaper BLE technology is easily made. In certain instances, the pay-off time is quite spectacular, according to Wim Verduyn: ‘One hospital discovered, only five minutes after the solution had been put into operation, that they did not need to buy any new bladder scanners for a particular department, as a number of them had long been going unused at another location. All they had to do was recoup these unused devices. This resulted in an ROI of 150% after only five minutes, not to mention the amount saved on maintenance.’

Other benefits observed by healthcare institutions include time savings in the retrieval of assets, along with faster and more accurate handling of recalls of medical products or devices, notes Kurt Nauwelaerts: ‘If an item is not found during a recall and is subsequently deployed elsewhere, the consequences can be severe. Asset tracking is therefore about more than efficiency and cost optimisation. A lack of asset monitoring can sometimes have far-reaching consequences.’

Also of interest to the construction industry

PHI DATA plans on distributing and implementing Blyott’s solutions throughout the Benelux. According to Kurt Nauwelaerts: ‘In the first instance, our focus will be on the healthcare sector. However, our combined offering may also be of opportune inter

est to other sectors, such as the construction industry, for instance. Similar to the healthcare sector, the rapid availability of construction materials can be particularly beneficial. A number of companies from within the industry have already expressed their interest.’

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