Leaving for a construction site? Did you forget anything?

In this video, our colleagues Kurt and Robin highlight the benefits of an inventory solution in the construction industry. Scanner in hand, Kurt shows Robin how to quickly run the inventory of materials in their van. After this verification is completed, the two colleagues leave for their site with peace of mind. However, they are not done with this scanner, which will prove to be very useful during their day: not only will they receive targeted and immediate information about each of the tools listed, but they will also leave with the confidence that they have not forgotten anything. A real asset to their job!

IDasset®: a smart inventory of your assets

The IDasset® solution, developed by PHI DATA, gives you an overview of your assets at a glance. Capable of capturing and tracking all the assets you use, this solution simplifies managing what matters to you and your business.

The advantages:

  • Accurate asset inventory and registration
  • Reliable data, ready to use
  • Proactive maintenance planning and repair management
  • Fast asset detection and accurate location
  • Easy warning of errors and deviations
  • Seamless integration with your ERP system
  • Cost and time savings

IDasset® is part of our Smart Edge solutions and connects your physical assets with their digital twin in your IT systems. Combined with RFID tags and barcode labels, this tool works wonders.

Find out more on the webpage about our IDasset® solution or by contacting our colleague Kurt Nauwelaerts.

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