PHI DATA and the IFSB join forces to encourage the digitisation of the construction market in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg


As part of this partnership, PHI DATA offers three Smart Edge solutions to the IFSB and its members

The construction market, like many other sectors, is undergoing a great digital overhaul to gain in efficiency and competitiveness. This is a natural progression for the core of the construction profession, which, despite having reached a certain level of maturity, is still constantly evolving. Its firm ambition to progress in terms of productivity, performance, security and governance has in fact made it one of the main innovators in the market. This partnership between PHI DATA and the IFSB forms part of this ambition plan.

PHI DATA specialises in developing and integrating Smart Edge solutions. Connecting the physical and digital world (Phygital), these solutions are based on SaaS and use a variety of innovative technologies and systems (barcodes, RFID, IoT and more). Over a year ago, the Belgian company, which also has a base in Rodange, signed up for a fruitful partnership with the IFSB, which is the official structure for training within Luxembourg’s Council for the Economic Development of Construction (CDEC).

The CDEC group exists to steer an integrated strategy for the construction sector, especially in terms of operational innovation. Within this context, the IFSB offers both theoretical and practical training, by reproducing real conditions on building sites.

Technology showcase
“The basis for this partnership is the provision of three PHI DATA Smart Edge solutions, allowing members and trainees of the IFSB to familiarise themselves with new tools”, explains Yves Jeanbaptiste, Branch Manager at PHI DATA. “This way, PHI DATA is participating in the development of the IFSB’s technology showcase, which plans to make digital innovation accessible to all”.

These technological solutions are made up of hardware (such as fixed and mobile RFID readers), inventory, location and stock management solutions (with the Smart Edge IDstock[1] and IDasset[2] applications), and even an operating platform for connected industrial devices (called SmartSense IIOT[3]). These solutions dedicated to the optimisation of Supply Chain Management are based on traceability, self-identification and the geolocation of assets.

Smart Edge solutions in real conditions
“For the IFSB, its members and trainees, it is an excellent opportunity to understand new digital solutions that apply to the sector and its various professions”, adds Alexis Sikora, head of the construction department at the IFSB. “The PHI DATA clients who work in the construction sector will also benefit themselves from this centre of expertise to see different Smart Edge solutions work in practice”, concludes Yves Jeanbaptiste.


About the IFSB

The IFSB (Luxembourg’s Institute for Training in the Construction Industry), an entity of the CDEC group (Luxembourg’s Council for the Economic Development of Construction) is a training centre based in Bettembourg that offers tailored inter- or intra-company services and training modules to all construction companies. Across our four departments, we cover all the training needs of construction companies in Luxembourg.

We offer transversal, comprehensive, initial and continuous professional development courses, geared to the profession, with digital and practical training. This demonstrates that new technologies can benefit new and more interactive and dynamic learning, where people continue to be the main instruments of change. Technical skills, security, practice, theory and innovation unite to best respond to the changing needs of our sector. More info on


[1] IDstock®

[2] IDasset®

[3] SmartSense IIOT®

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