Printing & Labelling

  • Health & Care

Our healthcare range includes various types of identification systems, such as barcodes and RFID. They increase efficiency and reduce human errors in areas such as the administration of medicine. As part of our total range, we offer all the related printing solutions.

PHI DATA is happy to help you print your labels centrally or outsource the management of your labelling. We will offer you a fixed price per label—including the costs of the labels and related materials—freeing you from the need to make substantial investments in equipment and so forth. As a partner of GS1 Belgilux, we meet global standards, ensuring that in turn, you satisfy all norms set for the healthcare sector.

Contact an expert

Tim Vandevoorde

Business Development Manager
When it comes to the health sector, Tim is your best contact. He knows the workings of a healthcare institution and is happy to think along and suggest solutions on your shop floor. Contact Tim for patient safety, personnel safety, asset management, tracking & tracing, etc.