Workflow Management

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As a care institution, the more quickly and efficiently you help your patients, the bigger the difference you make. Image having better lead times, reduced waiting times, increased patient satisfaction, and improved operations that save you costs. And now imagine doing all this in one fell swoop.

With the right workflow solutions, PHI DATA gives you a close view of the status and location of patients, personnel and other resources ranging from operating rooms to infusion pumps. This makes faster response times possible. And in this manner, you avoid delays to start times and make your use of space and time far more efficient.

If, for example, we were to provide automated identification of room statuses, your OR staff members would receive accurate information about every room. As well as this, updated reports would optimise patient movements throughout the various phases of care. Discover the benefits of improved workflow management today.

The most widely used solution is Stanley Healthcare‘s MobileView platform (AeroScout) – more than 50 hospitals in Belgium are already using it.

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Tim Vandevoorde

Business Development Manager
When it comes to the health sector, Tim is your best contact. He knows the workings of a healthcare institution and is happy to think along and suggest solutions on your shop floor. Contact Tim for patient safety, personnel safety, asset management, tracking & tracing, etc.