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In healthcare institutions where there are risks to staff safety, there are clear reasons why you need to know, in real time, exactly where staff members are. This applies specifically to any organisation or institution where patients or visitors may suddenly act aggressively.

Our staff safety solution makes it possible to quickly identify and locate any staff members who may be in danger. With one push of a button, your staff member lets their colleagues know that they are in a dangerous situation. This is made possible by an active RFID tag (Wi-Fi, BLE, LoRa) that communicates to a DECT or smartphone. You can immediately send help to the right place and prevent dangerous situations from escalating.

The result: employees feel safer and are more confident in the performance of their tasks. Furthermore, it is possible to analyse the frequency of aggressive acts and the places where they are most prevalent, allowing you to proactively take steps to eliminate the provocations and prevent re-occurrences.

The most widely used solution today is Stanley Healthcare‘s MobileView platform (AeroScout) – more than 50 hospitals in Belgium are already using it.

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