Supply Management

  • Health & Care

It is often a challenge for hospitals and care institutions to efficiently monitor stocks of consumables. A sophisticated combination of mobile devices and barcodes or passive RFID tags or labels allows goods and stock locations to be identified quickly and error-free, with a minimum of administration. Our IDstock® solution also makes it possible to analyse consumption per user or department. This gives a better insight into possible bottlenecks and helps prevent stock breaks in the stockroom.

For inventory you can also use our IDasset® solution. In addition, we also offer a solution that helps you comply with the FMD guidelines.

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Tim Vandevoorde

Business Development Manager
When it comes to the health sector, Tim is your best contact. He knows the workings of a healthcare institution and is happy to think along and suggest solutions on your shop floor. Contact Tim for patient safety, personnel safety, asset management, tracking & tracing, etc.