Sensolus closes strategic partnership with integrator of Smart Edge solutions PHI DATA


Partnership transforms IoT for businesses from a far-fetched topic to an operational reality

Ghent, September 16, 2021 – Specialist in tracking and IoT technology Sensolus and ICT company PHI DATA, committed to improving business processes with Smart Edge solutions, join forces in a strategic partnership. The collaboration aims at helping logistics managers and companies active in industrial manufacturing to turn their often abstract IoT ambitions into tangible process improvements. The complimentary product offering of both partners and the expertise of PHI DATA in terms of process optimization and data integration makes this IoT partnership truly unique, guaranteeing trustworthy data leading to real process optimization.

Logistics players and companies active in industrial manufacturing are putting IoT higher and higher on the agenda. But so far, these well-aimed ambitions rarely lead to real progress. “Together with PHI DATA, we want to translate IoT for these companies from a distant reality to an operational reality,” Filip Van Lancker mentions, Head of Partnerships at Sensolus. “Combining our solutions can effectively lead to a value-added IoT implementation. It allows companies to move from fragmented data and manual, time-consuming tasks to reliable data to optimize logistics and production processes. Reseller models are daily fare in the IT world but with this strategic partnership, Sensolus and PHI DATA are putting a first and unique pur-sang IoT venture on the map.”

Complementary in products and expertise

PHI DATA was acquired by IT company Simac in 2020. Sensolus has been working with Simac for years, steering projects in the automotive, transportation and retail sectors. Although both partners already know each other thoroughly, the complementary product portfolios and the additional expertise of PHI DATA in the field of data integration in particular make this strategic partnership a true recipe for success. The IT company has unparalleled expertise in understanding and optimally managing business processes from the data it captures.

PHI DATA’s solutions – based on barcodes and passive RFID technology for scanning, labeling and printing, among other things – are primarily focused on the tracking and interconnection of smaller items such as packages. Sensolus specializes in active tracking technology for larger assets such as containers and transport pallets. The combination of both is particularly valuable. PHI DATA uses labeling technology to ensure a smooth follow-up of different packages and the Sensolus trackers are used to trace the pallet on which the packages are transported, to give an example. The same trackers are also used for condition monitoring, whereby the conditions in which a pallet and its accompanying parcels find themselves are carefully monitored in real time.

Data for process optimization

With access to Sensolus technology, PHI DATA is able to significantly increase data flows and therefore transparency in the flow of goods for new and existing customers. In this way, valuable and reliable data is unlocked and analyzed, creating enormous added value for process optimization. In addition, all data is centralized in one userfriendly platform. All the pieces of the IoT puzzle fall into place. The Sensolus platform being an indispensable piece of it.

Guy Couder, CEO of PHI DATA: “At PHI DATA, we do not decide to close a strategic partnership overnight. We considered several parties in our search for the best possible platform to build our SmartSense IIOT® solution upon. Sensolus met all the requirements: a proven and integrated total concept, the willingness to think with us about the Industrial IoT solutions of the future, and a mature, ambitious organization with a lot of satisfied customers. The cooperation produces winners only.”

Ecosystem of partners

Not only can PHI DATA introduce innovations to its customers and tap into a new revenue stream as a reseller through the partnership and Sensolus’ product offering, the ICT company’s experts also enter the Sensolus ecosystem through the partnership. “We are building an ecosystem for all our partners in which knowledge sharing is key. On the one hand, this allows PHI DATA and other partners to strengthen their own expertise and contribute to Sensolus’ and other partners’ expertise. On the other hand, we create a breeding ground for experience and know-how that lifts the IoT-world to a higher level”, concludes Filip Van Lancker.


About Sensolus

Sensolus is an industrial Internet of Things (IoT) company tracking non-powered assets like trailers, containers, etc. With their end-to-end solution, they help companies to make informed, data-driven business decisions. The company has years of expertise in telecom, low-power networks, wireless sensor design and cloud-based analytics. Sensolus’ plug-and-play IoT solution includes wireless trackers and an open IoT platform that enables value creation and cost reduction by linking it to enterprise data. In this way, supply chains and logistics processes in which non-powered assets play an important role can be optimized.

The Ghent-based scale-up was founded in 2013 by four IoT enthusiasts and already has 30 employees. It is active in various industries, ranging from aerospace, automotive and logistics to industrial manufacturing and the waste industry. Customers such as Airbus, Atlas Copco and AB InBev rely on Sensolus’ IoT solution every single day. Over 120,000 assets are connected to the platform. For more information:

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